Once Upon a Holiday ( 2015 ) HD

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10:26, All

Once Upon A Holiday is an engrossing TV movie that centers around a royal princess who is tired of her diamond-studded privileged life and the royal responsibilities that come with being a princess. Desiring to see how regular people live, she finally gets the courage to leave it all behind by escaping one day, which puts her in the path of a wonderful young man and good Samaritan who sweeps her off of her feet.

Once Upon a Holiday ( 2015 )
Briana Evigan, Paul Campbell, Greg Evigan, Jacqueline Samuda, Jay Brazeau, Beverley Elliott, Tara Wilson, Casey Manderson, Tony Alcantar, Kayden Magnuson, Peter Ciuffa, Alex Miro, Sunita Prasad, Billy Mitchell, Mike Wasko
85 min
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