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Adventure Boyz ( 2019 )
When England’s largest castle is robbed by a notorious crime boss (Jon Campling, Harry Potter’s Death Eater), the last thing he and his criminal gang expected to be up against were two boys on BMX and their speedway racing dad.
Virgin Genocide ( 2018 )
Virgin Genocide is a movie starring Sean Weathers, Sara Rosenberg, and Mao Hanada. A serial killer that hates woman because he can't attract them goes on a killing spree.
Brown Paper Bag ( 2019 )
The year is 1942, and Archie Glass Is trying to get into Hollywood. His chance comes as he is offered a job: Find a young white movie star before the press reports that she is missing and he will have a shot at his Hollywood dream. Thus beg...
El Potro: Unstoppable ( 2018 )
A young man with charisma and magnetism enters the atmosphere of tropical music as a romantic singer and undertakes a vertiginous ascent to fame.
Cherry Bomb ( 2018 )
Cherry Bomb is a movie starring John Adler, Esther Sophia Artner, and Bernard The Dawg. A nerd has 24 hours to lose his virginity or a bomb will explode, killing his family.
VFW ( 2019 )
VFW is a movie starring Martin Kove, Stephen Lang, and Sierra McCormick. A group of war veterans must defend their local VFW post and an innocent teen against a deranged drug dealer and his relentless army of punk mutants.
Grim Woods ( 2019 )
Ignoring all signs and warnings, four counselors at a remote summer camp tell campfire stories to each other from an ancient book of evil that come to life to haunt them one by one.
The Australian Dream ( 2019 )
The Australian Dream is a theatrical feature documentary that uses the remarkable and inspirational story of AFL legend Adam Goodes as the prism through which to tell a deeper and more powerful story about race, identity and belonging.
A Patient Man ( 2019 )
A Patient Man is a movie starring Harvey J. Alperin, Oscar O. Bejarano, and John Crickellas. In the aftermath of a terrible car accident, a man tries to make sense of his life and seeks revenge for what his has lost.
Epiphany ( 2019 )
Epiphany is a movie starring Caitlin Carmichael, Alex Dimitriades, and George Georgiou. A young girl struggles to create a relationship with her father after the death of her aunt who raised her.
The Marshes ( 2018 )
The Marshes is a movie starring Dafna Kronental, Sam Delich, and Mathew Cooper. Deep in a remote marshland, three young biologists conduct research but when they encounter evil, science ends and survival begins.
Intrigo: Dear Agnes ( 2019 )
What is a human life worth? How is it possible that a woman like Agnes could agree to kill another human being? Is it the money? Or are there other forces at play? A funeral. A young widow and two adult children. Agnes is burying her much o...
Premature ( 2019 )
Set against the backdrop of a changing Harlem landscape, when seventeen year old Ayanna meets handsome and mysterious outsider Isaiah, her entire world is turned upside down on her path towards self-discovery as she travails the rigorous te...
The Mercenary ( 2019 )
Maxx is a legionnaire turned mercenary. When a mission in South America goes wrong Maxx is left for dead, but he is nursed back to health and reborn with a new outlook on life. He tries to live tranquilly within the confines of his new beli...
Inner Ghosts ( 2018 )
Inner Ghosts is a movie starring Celia Williams, Elizabeth Bochmann, and Iris Cayatte. A woman who gave up on her life as a medium receives a gift from the afterlife: a device that can perform wonderful things - at a price.
An Innocent Kiss ( 2019 )
An Innocent Kiss is a sincere look into the humor and craziness that is the everyday life of the Barnes family as they come to terms with each other. Billy and Ellie’s marriage may be on the rocks, but they don’t know chaos until Billy’s wa...
Deadly Hollywood Obsession ( 2019 )
After saving 10-year-old Jack from an attempted kidnapping, Casey Wright (Sarah Roemer) is hired by Jack’s famous father - “the” Sam Austin (Jon Prescott) - to be Jack’s home-school teacher. Casey is quickly swept up in Sam’s celebrity life...
1917 ( 2019 )
Two young British soldiers during the First World War are given an impossible mission: deliver a message deep in enemy territory that will stop 1,600 men, and one of the soldier’s brothers, from walking straight into a deadly trap.
John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch ( 2019 )
John Mulaney and his kid pals tackle existential topics for all ages with catchy songs, comedy sketches and special guests in a nostalgic variety special.
Surprise Me! ( 2017 )
What if pain was merely a set up for the ultimate surprise party? Genie Burns, owner of Surprise Enterprise, masterminds off the wall surprise parties in nobody would-suspect-it locations. Here she takes crazy risks but in her love life, sh...
Batman: Terror of Arkham ( 2019 )
Set 2 years after ‘Batman: The Shattered Cowl’, Bruce Wayne has grown in strength, intelligence and numbers and gained the trust of the GCPD, but a new threat looms over Gotham City. The growing threats in Gotham are causing Bruce to questi...
Snowbound for Christmas ( 2019 )
When a high-powered CEO gets trapped by a snowstorm with his ultra-efficient executive assistance he can no longer deny he has feelings for her as more than an employee.
Invasion Planet Earth ( 2019 )
After the death of his young daughter, Thomas Dunn is a man who has lost his faith. On the day he finds out his wife is pregnant again, aliens invade the Earth.
I Am Durán ( 2019 )
The story of four-time World Champion Panamanian boxer Roberto Durán. A one man wrecking-ball who took on the world, transcended his sport and helped inspire a nation to rise up against its CIA funded dictator to achieve independence. From ...
A Family Reunion Christmas ( 2019 )
The McKellans are back to spread Christmas joy in this holiday special about the importance of family, forgiveness, and empathy.
Queen Marie of Romania ( 2019 )
Devastated by the First World War and plunged into political controversy, Romania’s every hope accompanies its queen on her mission to Paris to lobby for international recognition of its great unification at the 1919 peace talks.
Resonance ( 2018 )
Resonance is a movie starring Max Croes and Nastassia Firestone. A young couple in need of a break, venture off into a vastly remote area, and discover strange noises originating from deep within the woods.
Opus Zero ( 2017 )
Paul, a composer, arrives in a remote Mexican village where his father has passed away. As his attention shifts to the fate of a missing woman, Paul must come to terms with the memory of his father and the uncertainty of his future.
Gothic Harvest ( 2018 )
The aristocratic, wealthy France-born Boudine family move to New Orleans in the mid-1800s to make their way in America. Then their beautiful youngest daughter cross paths with the fiancé of the legendary Queen of Louisiana Voodoo, Marie Lav...
President Evil ( 2018 )
Days before the November mid-term Elections, three young girls who are a Muslim, Mexican and Haitian, are stalked by a deranged killer dressed as the POTUS.
Gemini Man ( 2019 )
Gemini Man is a movie starring Will Smith, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and Clive Owen. An over-the-hill hitman faces off against a younger clone of himself.
Jarhead: Law of Return ( 2019 )
Major Ronan Jackson (Devon Sawa), an accomplished fighter pilot for the Israel Defense Forces and son of a U.S. Senator (Robert Patrick), is shot down while flying through Syrian airspace. After miraculously surviving the crash, Jackson is ...
The Death and Return of Superman ( 2019 )
The Death and Return of Superman finds Superman in a fight to the finish when the Man of Steel becomes the only hero who can stand in the way of the monstrous creature Doomsday and his unstoppable rampage. Superman saves the planet, but not...
Wild ( 2018 )
Wild is a short starring Nève Guénette, David Dacosta, and Sadie Laflamme-Snow. A young girl befriends a supernatural entity living in her Uncle's cornfield.
How To Get Rid Of A Body and Still be Friends ( 2018 )
Three women, best friends since childhood, reunite for a weekend getaway. All hell breaks loose when they think they killed the pizza deliveryman.
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