Metal Gear ( 2011 ) HD

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11:31, All

The world's top covert operator is a lonely American orphan who dreadfully accepts his mission to assassinate his own mentor turned-traitor… but what will he do when he discovers that the target is secretly his father? An intense thrill ride in the vein of the Bourne Series, Metal Gear is a tragic drama with an emphasis on action. Based on characters from the game/graphic novel of the same name.

Metal Gear ( 2011 )
Daniel Kennedy, Rick Zahn, Evan Karagias, Gregory Adair, Damiyr Shuford, Jacob Troy, Melissa Navia, Maurizio Ferrigno, Christopher Stadulis, Victor Manuel Lemus, Lauren Kelley, Sean Kane, Joel Borrero, Joel Borrero, George Carpenter
15 min
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